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Custom Organic Cotton T-Shirts心悦棋牌

We specialize in organic cotton t-shirts wholesale. You can download our Organic Cotton Clothing Catalog HERE.

Our organic cotton T- shirts and Polos are made of combed and ring-spun cotton procured from Chetna Organic who manages a non-GMO area. All 产品介绍s can be completely traceable to the small tribal farm villages from where the cotton is grown and harvested. All farmers receive fair trade premiums and all cotton is handled per USDA /NOP standards and manufactured as per GOTS standards certified by Control Union. We use GOTS certified low impact dyes and prints which are free of heavy metals and other known toxic substances. Our T Shirts and Polos are highly customizable to your color, size, shape, print, long and short sleeves. These harmful chemical free T shirts and Polos are very soft to feel and made to last. We use 5-6 0z 100% organic cotton for t shirts and 6-7 oz. organic cotton for Polos.